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Adobe using machine learning to make it easier to spot Photoshopped images

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Notoriously awful Twitter account HistoryInPics posts a lot of fake content. And sadly they don’t even tell the truth when their “history” is a recent as 2008.

So Flooding the social Media with Roomers fake news and posting false information making people believe On Fake Images .

Especially with social media’s power to share shocking content quickly and without fact-checking.

We know these bombastic fake pictures can go viral and it’s nearly impossible to let everyone know the image they shared is a fake.

Till the date the Digital forensics only done by Forensic experts in the lab with some high end forensics tools.

Adobe, certainly aware of how complicit its software is in the creation of fake news images.

Adobe Showcased there progress at the CVPR ( Computer Vision Conference) this month ,Showing how we can use AI to make Digital Forensics that much easier and find Fake images.

When Forensics or Researchers asses the image they look for – when an object copied from an image and paste into another image the noise of ten is inconsistent .

Adobe is using Approach which used buy everyone and known is taking a large set of images and train the AI to find the tempering in the image.

The Technology is in early stage of development hasn’t much significant improvement and Technology is not yet commercially available But this is step in the right direction to help make Digital Media more Authentic  .


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