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Attention!! Fortnite Cheat Hijacks Gamers’ PCs to Intercept HTTPS Traffic

Searching  for Fortnite v-bucks generator—then beware—you might end up installing malware on your PC!

Game-streaming platform Rainway is reporting that tens of thousands of Fortnite players have accidentally infected their systems with a  malware that hijacks their encrypted HTTPS web sessions to inject fraudulent ads into every website they visit.

Rainway is a cloud-based service that lets people play PC games remotely, similar to PlayStation Now.

According to a blog published by Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson,

As the errors kept flowing in, we took a glance at what these users had in common,They didn’t share any hardware, their ISPs were different, and all of their systems were up to date. However, one thing did stand out—they played Fortnite.

Tens of thousands of Fortnite players have been infected by malware that hijacks encrypted Web sessions so it can inject fraudulent ads into every website a user visits, an executive with a game-streaming service said Monday.

Rainway uses a technique known as whitelisting that permits customers to connect only to approved URLs. The addresses hosting the fraudulent addresses—hosted on the and domains—along with unauthorized JavaScript that accompanied them made it clear the traffic was generated by malware infecting a large number of game players using the Rainway service.

It turns out that the malicious adware attacking Rainway users had one thing in common—all of them were playing Fortnite.

The rash of infections is the latest warning tale about the risks of installing suspicious software provided by unknown sources. People who suspect they have been infected should install antivirus protection from a name-brand provider and thoroughly scan their systems ASAP.

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