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Firefox now supports the newest internet security protocol TLS 1.3

The Internet Engineering Task Force released the final version of TLS 1.3 last Friday .This is a major update to TLS 1.2, the security protocol that secures much of the web by, among other things, providing the layer that handles the encryption of every HTTPS connection.

The updated promises a bit more speed and enhanced security .and today Mozilla announced firefox already supports TLS 1.3  standards out of the box and chrome to support.

TLS provide access to  modern cryptographic methods .TLS 1.2 already had many problems mainly with implementation and most of the algorithms have been successfully  attacked .

Some of the companies like Facebook  cloud-flare and google already implemented the TLS 1.3 .

For an ideal user this means now they get a more secured and fast web experience thanks to the reduced need for round trips as the browser and server negotiate the security settings.

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