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Formula 1 Going to use machine Learning For Race Predictions through AWS

Formula 1 Going to use machine Learning For detailed statics to viewers and commentators For a New experience .

In the era where everyone is using machine  learning or Artificial Intelligence to enhance user experience and business benefits F1 The Formula One Group (Formula 1) is going to use cloud services and machine learning to analyses more detailed statics from Big DATA .

Formula 1 Group decided to use one of the giant cloud technology provider  AWS (Amazone Web Services) Amazon Cloud is going to provide real time analysis, in-race prediction and stats to commentators and viewers.This change how the way Fans enjoy the experience .

F1 organization is to provide 65 years of historical data to aws to train Deep Learning models in the cloud to make predictions, and every race is data is collected  from now .

The organization is also streaming real-time data to AWS using Amazon Kinesis – which collects and processes large streams of data records in real time – to provide performance data for each car during each event with “unmatched accuracy and speed”which Help the Drivers.

The strategy teams at the race track and at the team’s HQ are constantly trying to predict the next best optimal move to improve their drivers’ positions.

These insights is going to share with fans on TV and Digital platforms they can enjoy these stats .

It Includes stats like Driver performance Cars performance, limitations.

Pete Samara, director of innovation and digital technology at Formula 1, said:

“For our needs, AWS outperforms all other cloud providers, in speed, scalability, reliability, global reach, partner community, and breadth and depth of cloud services available.”

Mike Clayville, vice president, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS added:

“Formula 1’s years of valuable historical race data analysed against the real-time information that is collected in every race using AWS’s machine learning, streaming, and analytics services will uncover new racing metrics and insights that were unimaginable in the past.”

Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence making its presence everywhere, and in f1 is also going to be interesting .


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