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Next-gen SD cards adds the PCI Express and NVMe interfaces .

The new Ultra Capacity (UC) designation will mean capacities of up to 128 terabytes and the “Express” designation will mean transfer speeds of up to 985 megabytes per second.

SO now you can store almost every peace of data in a single SD CARD.

With the evolving technology, the smartphones video games and IOT devices are capable of doing more things, 360 degree photos and videos Virtual Reality ultra-high resolution content video Streaming we needs faster and reliable storage .

Sdcardassociation announced the new SD cards with the SD Version 7.0 specification.

Whats New in SD Version 7.0

  • Support up to 128TB of storage
  • Data transfer speeds to as much as 985 MB per second
  • adds support for PCI Express and NVMe interfaces. Basically, this means you can use an SD card like a removable SSD… and it’ll support SSD-level data transfer speeds too.
  • New cards will be the same size and shape as their predecessors, and they’re backward compatible
  • The specification has reserved space for new pins for future use, so it also provides room for forward progress
  • The NVMe 1.3 protocol also brings several new features to SD cards, like Host Memory Buffer (HMB), which sets aside a small portion of system memory to boost performance, and Multi-Queue support, which improves performance during simultaneous file transfers.

More practically

We have seen this SD card should be a boon for video creators shooting in 4K, 8K or VR.

But we know 128 TB capacity is a theoretical limit. Currently 1TB Cards are rare and 512gb card’s are Expensive.SO its years away to hitting the market


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