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Try before travel – Kayak launches virtual reality exploration tool

The practice of trying before buying is coming to travel booking with virtual reality in tow. This week, Kayak world’s leading travel search engine announced the brand new Kayak VR, an app for Google Daydream that help vacationers to  “visit” a location before booking it.

Kayak calls the new VR app a way to “test drive” a city from home, both to choose a location before booking a flight and to find out what to see once you get there.The app pairs 360 visual content with an audio tour of the different landscapes. As well as exploring local hotspots, the tool also allows users to virtually explore hotels.

Just download one of three vacation packages that can then be accessed through a 360 VR headset, Ultra-VMX headphones and a neural scanner that we’ll send straight to your door (in 5 to 6 weeks).

The app introduced with two towns first of all — Venice, Italy, and Kathmandu, Nepal — on Google Play. As the primary prototype of the app, that vacation spot listing will most probably make bigger if the app sees good fortune.

Kayak VR joins the platform’s listing of various tech gear for shuttle, together with the crowd travel planner, Commute Huddle, at the side of a contemporary characteristic to search for claims for not on time flights. Kayak additionally has Desktop Break out, an app that explores locations thru footage.

Inside Daydream, Kayak VR offers a few different ways to explore.
  • One, virtual travelers can use the trackpad to move around the scene while listening to that audio tour.
  • Second view option is to use the app’s stereophonic sound, a mode that adapts to the where you are looking within the scene.

Exploring new locations remotely is a popular use for virtual reality, but Kayak pairs that exploration with travel tips as well as travel trends related to the area.The Market Of Virtual Reality is warming up with new VR gadgets within one year we can see more gadgets  in this field .

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