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Whats-app gets mute button in Android beta

Whats-app gets mute button in Android beta also with many new features like stickers .


Facebook owned one of the  larger messaging platform Whats app to get many new features  .

According to some reports Whats-app is testing currently 2 new Features currently in beta stage .

Mute Button

While Doing Important Works getting large no of  notifications are annoying  and you don’t want to read messages.

Mute button is help to prevent get notification after receiving the large no of messages on whats-app

Many other platforms already has this features even Messenger had this feature from very long time .Now whats-app is started to get this features to compete with other platforms.

However, the Mute button for the notification panel appears only when user receives the more than 52 messages in single chat

Stickers feature

so after a long wait when every platform already has the Stickers Features whats-app announced the stickers features  its not released  yet not even for beta testing however  you can get with changing some codes.

According to WABetainfo whats app is also testing many new services to improve Whats app.while mute features released but stickers released date still not announced , while we know whats-app still needs to improve .

The tweet of WABetainfo

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