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WhatsApp Begins Rolling out Group Voice and Video Calling Feature


WhatsApp is begins rolling out the much awaited features of group voice and video calls .

For Android, the roll out has begun for WhatsApp Beta users, while on the other hand, iOS users on the stable build are already receiving the feature

If you want to check the feature’s availability on your WhatsApp account, update to the latest version via Google Play Store and make a voice/video call to any of your contact and if you spot a new member addition symbol on the top right corner, then the feature is live for you.

Currently WhatsApp allowing four persons in group voice and video call soon it will increase in future updates .

Also, you can invite users who’re yet to receive this feature to join the video/voice call, which makes the feature available to them .

WhatsApp already supports video calls with another person, but the update now allows for audio and video calls with up to four people. Once you are in a call with someone, you can tap the contact icon on the top right and pick who else you want in the call.

Means you can not call all of them at single time you have to call one person then you can add other persons .

For android the feature currently available in latest Beta version of 2.18.189 ,and for iOS users you can simply update your app from app store .

For android the stable build will be released in few days .

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