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WPA3 The much awaited Securty Protocol for WIFI.

In the world of raising the number of iot devices a security researcher found the flaw in most secured wifi protocal WPA2 KRACK . WiFi systems across the globe caused panic as individuals, businesses and their providers.

After that its been a year the new Wifi protocal standard wpa3 is released and now its official

Whats New in WPA3

  • Most notably, it brings individualized data encryption that should protect your data against eavesdropping from within the WiFi network.
  • It makes harder for hackers to crack your password by guessing it over and over again.
  • Limits what data hackers can see even once they’ve uncovered the passcode.
  • WPA3 adds forward secrecy and prevents offline attacks.
  • Tougher password-based sign-ins through Simultaneous Authentication of Equals, a key establishment protocol that reduces the chances of someone guessing your password .
  • Secure public Wi-Fi.

Why its Important

Raising the number of Iot Devices its important which help one hackes in your IoT devices and control your devices.

When Will you see WPA3 Devices

Qualcomm is first company to announce the implementation of WPA3.The Snapdragon 845, in June, with Qualcomm’s Access Point platforms to follow in July.

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, new devices supporting WPA3 will be released later in 2018, Manufacturers have to submit devices for approval.

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