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Linux Kernel 5.0 Released With improved graphics support

Linux Kernel 5.0 is released and stable versions are out . It was not the major release because it just a natty new version number

Creator of Linux kernel Linus Torvalds Tells that

“The numbering change is not indicative of anything special. If you want to have an official reason, it’s that I ran out of fingers and toes to count on, so 4.21 became 5.0”.

Whats new in Linux 5.0 ?

Some notable Changes In Linux Kernel 5.0 –

AMD FreeSync display support

Fans of dynamic refresh rates and no screen tearing will be pleased to hear that AMD FreeSync works with the Linux 5.0 mainline kernel (though it also requires MESA 19.0 and some other updated bits).

To take advantage of this you’ll need an AMD Radeon R5/R7/R9 200 or later (including Vega) and a monitor with FreeSync technology support.

Adiantum Data Encryption

First up is support for Adiantum in fscrypt. Adiantum is Google’s drop-in replacement for the (controversial) NSA-developed Speck.

Adiantum brings speedy data encryption to low-end devices and hardware (it’s used in Android Go devices). Regular Linux desktops can also leverage the technology thanks to native EXT4 and F2FS fscrypt support.

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Linux Support

Linux 5.0 Provides Raspberry Pi touchscreen driver out of the box The folks behind the successful line of single-board computers produce an official 7-inch touch display for the Raspberry Pi. Like the computer it hooks up to this is pretty cheap (around £60 or so) and pretty versatile. It supports 10-finger touch and a 800×480 pixels resolution. With Linux 5.0 this touchscreen works with the mainline Linux kernel, no workarounds required

  • Support for a new VegaM
  • NVIDIA Xavier display support
  • Continued work on Intel Icelake Gen11 graphics
  • Initial support for the NXP i.MX8 SoCs
  • Support for the Allwinner T3, Qualcomm QCS404, and NXP Layerscape LX2160A
  • Intel VT-d Scalable Mode support for Scalable I/O Virtualization
  • New Intel Stratix 10 FPGA drivers
  • Fixes for F2FS, EXT4 and XFS
  • Btrfs file-system restores support for swap files
  • Fscrypt Adiantum support for helping with fast data encryption on low-end hardware. This replaces the infamous Speck algorithm by NSA.
  • Realtek R8169 driver improvements
  • Logitech High Resolution Scrolling support
  • x86 laptop drivers improvement
  • Thunderbolt security enhancement
  • Support for the Chameleon96 Intel FPGA board
  • Improved power management

Some Hardware Support

  • Intel Icelake Gen11 Graphics
  • NXP i.MX8 SoC & Layerscape LX2160A
  • RDA Micro RDA8810PL
  • NVIDIA Turing GPUs
  • NVIDIA Xavier display support

Manjaro linux is released Stable Versions of Linux Kernel You also can download and install from The Linux Kernel Archives And linux Kernel also can be installed using Utilities like Ukuu

If you want to know more, you can refer to this excellent compilation of Kernel 5.0 features by Phoronix.

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